Oh, the Good Glory of it All

finding humor in the hard and strange

Laughter is the best medicine

My life with a brain-injured sister is odd at times.  I could even say that it is strange most of the time.  Things I never thought about before have become important.  The great thing is that hilarious moments rain down on us if we just have the sense of humor to look up.  I believe […]

Nice Girls Don’t Ask for Help

and other ways to wear yourself out


My throat begins to tighten as the bright gold leaves come into view.  They haven’t all fallen yet.  As my minivan continues the familiar course over the mountain carrying my sister to adult daycare, I stare in wonder.  Each time I think that autumn is through, another cycle of leaf-changing begins.  This was the year […]

The Lesson of Listening

When Obstacles Seem too Great

God surprises us with His grace, with how He prepares us for what is coming

Winning the retreat seemed a godsend.  I knew I needed to get away, to seek God, to listen for His voice without the usual chores of daily living.  I struggled with the decision to take our one car all the way to southern Louisiana, but my husband insisted.  I needed to go and he would […]

Learning to Struggle Well


I stare at her beautiful cursive handwriting, so perfectly slanted to the right.  Feeling as though I have come upon a treasure I search for understanding in the notes my mother wrote in her last Bible study.  There is no great revelation at first.  She had written out exactly what she had asked me to […]

What Would Change?

God Prefers You

One of the significant truths of Scripture has been occupying much of my thinking lately. In Genesis, we are told that God created Adam to be his representative on the earth (Gen 1:26-28, 2:15). God tells Abram that he will be blessed “so that [he] will be a blessing” (Gen 12:2). In Jeremiah 3:15, God […]

Intentional Inaction

Because Sometimes We Need to Wait


I was trained to use the OODA loop—Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. The premise was that you wanted to be able to cycle through this loop as accurately as possible and faster than your enemy (or for most people, your opponent/competitor). In our context, and in many others, the old axiom of “Not making a decision […]

God Shines through the Dark

a taste of my adventures in Alaska


Our conversation darts from subject to subject.  We discuss recipes and child-rearing as we meander around her kitchen.  This dear friend has invited me into her home so that I can speak at a retreat for military wives.  We have been praying together on the phone most weeks for almost nine months.  And now, I […]